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Keep up-to-date with our latest developments and visit us at our booth at the ICE Europe 2019 in Munich, Germany from March 12th to March 14th, 2019 - Hall 6, Booth 496.

Curious? Some of our highlights have already been revealed:

Wide product range of stationary stroboscopes - suitable models for every application

High-performance stationary stroboscopes with powerful light intensity from 6000 to 14000 LUX and homogenous illumination width from 300 to 1000 mm. The large, homogeneous illumination surface delivers superb results even at difficult light conditions, making the stationary stroboscopes suitable for a very wide range of measurement, observation and inspection functions.

Get convinced of our extensive product range and find out more about further interesting features here:

RHEINTACHO presents Pocket-Sized Innovation

RHEINTACHO has equipped a small portable pocket stroboscope with an auto-sync laser function. The new RT STROBE pocketLED LASER sets the standard concerning functionality and usability.

In our YouTube Video, you can see the different functions in detail of our RT STROBE pocketLED LASER, that combines a LED-stroboscope and Laser-Tachometer in one device:

Portable stroboscope RT STROBE super qbLED with auto-sync laser function

Being the first measuring device of its kind, the portable stroboscope RT STROBE super qbLED is equipped with an auto-sync laser function. By means of a far-reaching transmission/reception system based on a laser, the flash rate of the stroboscope is synchronized automatically.

Find out more about this highly efficient stroboscope on our YouTube Video: