Basic knowledge - Stationary stroboscopes

Stroboscopes are highly versatile instruments, which are used to visualise ultra-rapid motion sequences. They are also particularly crucial tools for use in monitoring and inspecting production facilities e.g. in the printing and textile industry. Stroboscopes also allow contactless measurement of speed and oscillation: Provided the flashing frequency of the stroboscope matches the movement frequency, the measurement object appears to be motionless.

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Stationary stroboscopes

Stationary stroboscopes have become must-have measurement tools to facilitate the surface inspection of high-speed processes. They are also important as a highly efficient light source for use in industrial image processing technologies.
The range of products available today allows bandwidths exceeding three metres to be illuminated.

The ability to set these units up in next to no time and their user-friendly operation make them key parts of flexible and exceptionally cost-effective testing configuration.

All the stroboscopes developed by RHEINTACHO reflect its aim to provide maximum luminous intensity while minimising flash duration for Xenon and LED light sources.

These devices were developed for use in a very wide range of industrial environments, and another stand-out feature is their lack of external cooling. This feature allows for the housing to be fully sealed, which effectively protects the equipment against soiling and decisively boosted its service life


Developed for use in everyday industrial applications and focusing primarily on extended service life, low energy consumption and the widest possible range of use, RHEINTACHO LED stroboscopes are consistently best placed to provide optimal surface inspection solutions.

Ceaselessly targeting further improvement, the solutions developed outperform the rest of the market in offering unrivalled brightness.


With an unprecedented short flash duration, Xenon stroboscopes represent a viable alternative to their LED counterparts.

The Xenon lamps developed in-house by RHEINTACHO offer equally prominent light intensity and service life.