Basic knowledge - Mechanical hand-tachometer

The mechanical hand-tachometers htm are designed to accurately measure RPM and surface speed on a wide range of applications.

These instruments are used anywhere rotational speed or length or linear running speed needs to be measured (Measurements in rpm / feet / meters): By lift and elevator installers / inspectors. Rotating machinery nspectors / maintenance engineers / commissioning engineers. Plant engineers of all types were equipment needs to be accurately checked.

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Overview Mechanical hand-tachometer

Mechanical versus digital

The human brain is like an analogue device. It can often gather more information, more quickly from an analogue device. Remember how the market place quickly rejected digital speedometers in cars and the digital wristwatch.

A skilled operator can simply see whether the pointer is within tolerance without taking the time to actually read or interpret the numbers on a dial. They can tell at a glance whether the reading is increasing or decreasing, the speed at which it is doing this and the rate of change, where a digital device can flicker between close reading or will just give you a static reading.

Also the human eye can interpolate graduations on a dial surprisingly accurately. So an experienced operator gets more information from a dial than just a static reading. This is why lots of digital products now incorporate an analog element.

No batteries required

Have you ever relied on a digital tachometer and then found out that the batteries have gone flat? The HTM provides a reliable alternative with the added benefit of being simple to dispose of since there are no complex electronic circuits and batteries.

ATEX approved version

Mindful of the need to operate tachometers in areas where there is sometimes a risk of explosive atmospheres due to either dust particles or gas, our engineers have carried out modifications to enable this version to be certified for use in ATEX zones 1 and 2 without compromising the capability of the original design.