Wind energy

You will find RHEINTACHO products deployed in a whole range of areas within wind energy plants.

Rotational speed sensors
Our rotational speed sensors are designed to withstand the most demanding operating conditions while measuring the movements of rotating machine parts (e.g. gears) contact-free. They can handle high pressures, jets of water and a wide range of temperatures as well as resisting oils, salts and acids.

Speed monitoring
The programmable speed monitor rotas monitors the rate at which wind energy plants operate and, since it accommodates functional diversity and variable programming, can be flexibly adapted to wide-ranging requirements.


Application report - Wind turbine

Task: Three speeds are to be monitored separately at a wind plant. As a result dangerous operating conditions are able to be detected reliably at the wind power plant.

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Application report - Wind power plants

Task: An EU guideline specifies that machines may not be sources of any type of danger. At wind power plants danger can be caused by uncontrolled, excessive speeds.

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