Application report - Hydrostatic drives


It is to be ensured that, when turning a shovel excavator, counter-steering in the other direction is only possible below a defined, low rotational speed.


The speed of the hydrostatic drive is measured with a halleffect sensor of the GP series. An additional output on the sensor issues a digital switch signal whenever the frequency falls below the specified value. Three different limit frequencies are required, depending on the various gear geometries. This patented sensor is available with the limit frequencies 12, 22 and 32 Hz. It has been designed for high pressures and harsh environments.

RHEINTACHO products:

  • SHP6.GP08.E05SU-12
  • SHP6.GP08.E05SU-22
  • SHP6.GP08.E05SU-32

The full report can be downloaded here: