There need be only one! One Sensor, two Signals: Rotational Speed Sensor with an integrated Temperature Sensor

M8-rotational speed sensors and ABZ sensors from RHEINTACHO detect temperature additionally. With both above mentioned speed sensor series, RHEINTACHO...

Application report - RPM monitoring on small water power plants with monitoring system rotas

Task: The rpm relay controls the activating moment of the generator after it has reached the rated speed with the support of the turbine. The second...

Stroboscope or camera? - Stroboscope plus camera!

Auto-sync by laser beam, hybrid inspection system, compact stationary stroboscope - at RHEINTACHO you will find an impressive selection of innovations...

To the point! 14.7 mm Rotational Speed Sensor with PWM Signal

With the new FE PWM rotational speed sensor form the FE series, RHEINTACHO presents a sensor which fulfills nearly every wish of the users. What attra...

Application report - Quality control of measuring devices for clinical diagnostics with customized modification of portable stroboscope RT STROBE pocketLED T

Task: When manufacturing measuring devices for clinical diagnostics, an enzymatic amperometric bio-sensor is the heart of manufacturing. During the p...

Application report - Quality assurance within the paper industry with portable stroboscope RT STROBE qbLED

The surrounding conditions during paper production have very high requirements on material and machine. The challenge is to find a device which can be...

The RHEINTACHO Group is expanding - RHEINTACHO Vision Systems S.A.S. has been founded

RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH is taking over the activities of ERGECA (RGK Video Systems) from 1 April 2017. The business activities will be transferred...

Digital hand-tachometers and ATEX certified devices from RHEINTACHO

The reliable and simple recording and monitoring of speed, rotational speed and run length of different materials is part of everyday working life in ...

ATEX Certified system for stationary stroboscopes

The RHEINTACHO Group has now increased its efforts to provide the ATEX world with more devices which can be used in hazardous areas.

A world’s first: Portable stroboscope RT STROBE super qbLED with auto-sync laser function

The portable LED stroboscope RT STROBE super qbLED is the perfect supplement to the existing product line.